A Photo Booth is a Must Have for Your Wedding Reception

A Photo Booth is a Must Have for Your Wedding Reception

Photo Booths are Fun for Your Wedding Reception Guests and Provide Keepsakes for Everyone.

As you begin planning your wedding and reception, you want to create an environment that celebrates you as a couple, and provides entertainment for all of your guests. One of the biggest crazes at wedding receptions, is the use of photo booths. If you haven't considered it yet, here are 8 reasons that a photo booth is a must-have for your wedding reception. 

1. A Photo Booth Gets the Party Started

Every wedding reception generally comes with a bar, music, and food. In order to make your reception stand out from the others, you need to add a different and memorable element. Photo booths are a great way to get your guests in the spirit of celebrating. It is also a good way to get guests to socialize. This is especially helpful if members of your family haven't met other friends or colleagues in attendance. 

2. Photo Booths are Fun for Every Age Group

When planning a wedding reception, it is always important to have activities that are fun for the kids and grandparents alike. A photo booth is a great way to keep the youngest and oldest guests entertained. Guests of all ages will enjoy taking silly, romantic, and dramatic photos with the use of props. 

3. Photos are Great Souvenirs

Having a photo booth at your reception is a fun way for guests to create their own souvenirs to take home and display on their refrigerator, or pull out of their wallet to show co-workers. You and your partner can also use the photo booth to take unique pictures to add to scrapbooks or the wedding album. You can also include the photos with thank you cards that you send out to guests. The photos taken in your photo booth may come to be conversation starters for years to come!

4. Photo Booths Create a Unique Guestbook:

Rather than having guests simply sign their name in a guestbook, they can add their pictures from the photo booth along with their name and a sentiment for the newlyweds. Your guestbook will become a treasured keepsake, rather than a simple list of names. 

5. Photo Booths Can Keep with Your Wedding Theme

Does your wedding have a special theme? Perhaps, you are having a destination wedding on the beach? Is your wedding in the winter? Your photo booth props can be matched to the theme of your wedding, to create beautiful pictures that reflect your wedding's unique personality. 

6. A Photo Booth Will Remind Guests of the Good Ol' Days:

Before every one had smartphones and tablets, photo booths were the way to get instant pictures when you were out on the town with friends and loved ones. By having a photo booth at your reception, you will create a sense of nostalgia for your older guests, while introducing the younger crowd to a beloved pastime.

7. Photo Booths are Flexible and Affordable:

Since photo booths have become a high-demand feature at wedding receptions, they have become increasingly more affordable. They also require zero-effort on your part setting up or taking down, so they are a great option for couples busy with other wedding reception duties. You can also choose when the photo booth will be up during the reception, and how long it will remain open for guests to use.

8. Pair Your Photo Booth with Your DJ

Direct Entertainment offers you the option of package deals that include both the photo booth rental, and DJ services for the reception. This takes the guess-work out of planning your reception, which saves you time and money! 

If a photo booth sounds like the perfect addition to your big day, contact us today to learn more about our options and pricing.

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