Capture Perfect Moments with a Talented Wedding Photographer

Capture Perfect Moments with a Talented Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer is One of the Most Important Parts of Wedding Planning

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important tasks of wedding planning. A good photographer will spend some time with you as a couple, listening to your stories and observing you as a couple. The more your wedding photographer knows about you as a couple, the more he or she can better highlight and convey your big day through the wedding photos.

Your wedding photographer strives on capturing all of the beautiful and sentimental moments of your big day. However, your suggestions count and play a role in those captured moments. Here are five things you can do to help your wedding photographer capture those perfect moments:

Share Details and Stories About Yourself

It is important your wedding photographer knows a bit about you as a couple. Sharing personal stories provides insight and can help the photographer understand family situations better, as well as your likes and dislikes. All of these details can ensure that your photos convey all the positive highlights of your big day. For instance, if you love the necklace you are wearing because it belonged to your great-grandmother, then this obviously has more importance than a newly purchased necklace. If there is so much meaning behind the jewelry, then your photographer will most likely take a picture of the necklace and hone in on the special piece.

Stick with the Same Photographer

Using the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos is important for the same reasons mentioned above. If your wedding photographer is the same person as your engagement photographer, he or she has had the pleasure to get to know you a bit as a couple. The engagement photo session is a great time to spend with your wedding photographer because this time allows the photographer to observe you as a couple, and it provides a relaxed moment for you and your photographer to chat without being under pressure.

Select a Variety of Photo Styles

For your big day, choose a few photo styles you would like for your wedding photographer. Provide your photographer with a list of family members, noting which side of the family each person belongs to and if it is the bride or groom's family members. Let the photographer know if you want the family photo shoot a certain way, whether you desire a particular pairing or grouping of people.

Include any ideas on how you would like your photo sessions done with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Do you want to show off the style of socks the groomsmen are sporting, or highlight the shoes you and your bridesmaids are wearing? Whatever details you prefer highlighted in a stylized manner, tell your photographer. If your ideas are similar to ones shown in other pictures or online, show them to your wedding photographer as well. However, do keep in mind your photographer is a professional, and trust and embrace your photographer's idea, allowing room for some spontaneous creative shots as well.

Pick Several Shot Locations Before the Ceremony

If you decide on pre-wedding pictures before the ceremony, avoid wasting time by selecting some good photo locations. Scope out the area ahead of time, so you have an idea of the right spots you can have your photo shoots taken. You can speak with your photographer and gather some ideas as well. If your venue is at a hotel, there are probably some great spots for photographing on location. However, do not limit yourself inside the hotel. The area and scenery, whether it be a city or on the beach, could make some artistic or beautiful photos as well.

Include a "First Look" Photo

After you get your hair and makeup done and slip into your beautiful wedding dress, capturing the look as you make your first appearance to your soon-to-be husband and your father is priceless. This magical and memorable moment that captures their expressions is a special one and is one you will love looking and showing to your future kids and grandchildren.

For more information on our photo packages, contact us. We have packages tailored for every budget. As certified wedding photographers, we will work with you and help you capture your perfect moments on your special day.

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