Five Moments Your Wedding Photographer Should Capture

Five Moments Your Wedding Photographer Should Capture

These are the top five unforgettable moments that you want to make sure your wedding photographer captures.

Your wedding photographer is going to be with you throughout your ceremony and reception. They will be your shadow all day long. As they are taking a photo after photo, there are five unforgettable moments that you want to make sure they capture. These are the moments you will want to frame. They are also the moments that help to show just how much love there is within the relationship.

The Groom's First Glance

The groom's first glance at the bride is one of the most important photographs to be captured. If the wedding is traditional, the groom has not seen the bride in her wedding dress as of yet. This is when the photographer needs to be focused on the groom as opposed to the bride. Capturing this can ensure that the bride gets to see what everyone else saw. It can also help to make the album more sentimental.

This is when it is helpful to have a second photographer. If there is only one photographer, they might be focused on the bride coming down the aisle the entire time. Depending upon the size of your wedding party, there might be a flower girl that needs to be photographed and much more. However, you need to make sure that the wedding photographer knows to take photos of the groom as soon as the bride is in sight.

The Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is part of the ceremony. It's when the groom slips the ring on the finger of the bride and the bride reciprocates with a ring for the groom. The wedding photographer should be up close and personal to capture these images. They hold a significant amount of symbolic meaning.

Different venues allow the photographers to be at different distances from the actual ceremony. Be sure you talk to your wedding photographer about where they're allowed to be and ensure they have the right lenses to be able to get as close to this moment as possible.

The First Kiss

There is always only one first kiss. After that, it's the second or third. The first kiss is when there is added excitement. It's the first kiss as husband and wife. The wedding photographer should plan on capturing it. There might be mascara running down the cheek of the bride. If there is a second photographer, they can catch the first kiss from another angle.

The First Dance

The first dance is monumental. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it's a moment that all the guests look forward to. You might want to show off your dance moves or you might want to rush through it. However you choose to handle it, it should be documented.

Ensure your guests know to clear out space and let your professional photographer do what they do best. It will allow you to get some of the best photos of this moment. If the groom can dip the bride or the couple can smile cheek to cheek, it will provide an image that is worthy of framing later on.

Slicing of the Cake

Slicing the cake is a fun tradition. The bride should be front and center, though the groom should be helping with the entire process. It's important that the wedding photographer continues to take photos even after the cake has been cut. Some couples get very excited throughout the process and end up flinging cake everywhere. Even the couples who say they are going to behave themselves can get out of hand – and it's important that the photographer captures every detail.

Your wedding photographer should know about these moments. However, it doesn't hurt to mention the moments you specifically want captured. For more information contact Direct Entertainment.

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