5 Things to Share with Your Wedding Photographer

5 Things to Share with Your Wedding Photographer

Years from now, you are going to look back on your wedding photos as a way of remembering one of the most important days of your life.

Years from now, you are going to look back on your wedding photos as a way of remembering one of the most important days of your life. In order for all of this to happen, you need to have a wedding photographer who is capable of giving you what you want. Just as you want the wedding photographer to give you things, there are several things you need to be giving your photographer.

A List of Locations

The only way your photographer can capture the moments of your wedding day is to know where to go. Depending on the amount of time you have booked, they will go where you want them to go. This could include your hotel or home to take photos of getting ready, the ceremony site, as well as where the reception is going to be.

If some of the locations are hard to find, then go into detail. After all, you don't want your photographer not showing up because they can't find where you're at. Allow for travel time between locations, too.

Timing of Events

Timing is critical to the test when everything is taking place. There might even need to change lenses periodically based upon where they have to be on what is going on. If the event is happening inside versus outside, they need to prepare adequately.

The timing should come from the wedding planner or the DJ. This is something that you simply need to provide to the photographer so that they have access to it throughout the day. Best to provide it to them beforehand so that you don't have to worry about it.

"Must Capture" Lists

Your wedding photographer will likely go over the “must capture” photos that you want to cover. However, there may be some that you want to make sure our captured. This could include photos of you and your partner with relatives, the bridal party, or anything else.

If you have family traditions where you take funny photos or you want a pose in front of a specific location, need to be provided to your photographer ahead of time. It will ensure that they can plan efficiently.

The Names of Key People at the Wedding

Your wedding photographer is going to be doing a lot of posing of people. It's best if your photographer isn't saying “hey you” all the time. This means that you should plan on providing the names of some of the key people who will be at your wedding. In addition, knowing the names of the bride and groom, your photographer should know the names of the best man, maid of honor, as well as the wedding planner, if you have one. It will allow them to get shots that they need without being rude.

Your Best Smile

Perhaps the most important thing that you give your wedding photographer is your best smile. You can have amazing photographs unless you are willing to pose for them. Every time your wedding photographer gets near and asks you to smile, be sure that you comply. It might seem as though your photographer is following you around, but that's because they are – and that is their job. Something to deal with, but you will be rewarded with amazing photos.

Your wedding photographer will tell you everything that you need to provide. Communication will lead to better photos. Plus, it will take the pressure off of you on your big day because you will know that your photographer's capable of handling everything to your liking. You can simply enjoy your wedding and then enjoy the photos for the rest of your life.  To find the perfect wedding photographer for your big day contact Direct Entertainment.

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