5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The Perfect Wedding Photographer Allows You to Forever Cherish the Memories of Your Special Day.

Your wedding day is one of the most important day of your life. This day is full of emotion, excitement, and treasured memories. It's only natural that the bride, groom, and their families wish to preserve this day's memories.  The best way to keep the happiness and memories alive is with high-quality wedding photography.  These photos preserve your treasured moments before, after, and during the wedding ceremony.  Because of the importance, it is crucial to pick the best wedding photographer.  When you entrust the right person for this job, the beauty and perfection of your wedding day will shine through your wedding photos.  How do you decide which wedding photographer is best?  Consider these 5 important tips when choosing. 

1.) Photography Price and Affordability

Although unpleasant, money and cost are necessary evils of life.  Anything worthwhile usually involves a price tag. This is especially true when planning your wedding details.  However, the cost of a good wedding photography should never be unreasonable or overwhelming. When looking for your photographer, take the time to shop around and compare prices.  It's risky to simply go with the first option that appears. As you compare prices, always consider the packages and the special offers of each photographer. One photographer might offer a hefty price tag for the same type of package another offers for less.   

2.) Creative and Unique Photos

Traditional wedding photo arrangements and poses are common with many weddings.  These are nice, but the true beauty of your wedding is best preserved through creative photo shots and original, nontraditional poses.  The best wedding photographers always look for new, unique poses and photography tricks that capture the true details of each wedding.  Always ask about the types of photos and poses each photographer offers.  One of the best ways to gauge the quality and originality of a potential photographer is to examine past samples of their work. Look for previous client reviews or spend time on their social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram or their website and blog.  By looking at former wedding shoots, you'll gain a good idea of what types of poses and styles they offer.  Be wary of those who don't seem to offer original or creative photo options.

3.) Compare the Personality of Photographers

This step is best accomplished as you set up an interview and meet them in person.  If you're already buried in hundreds of other wedding plans, it's tricky to find time for personal interviews.  Although it can be difficult, this step is very important; never ignore it!  By spending time talking face-to-face with potential photographers, you get the chance to experience their personality, quirks, and personally hear about their methods.  Although some photographers offer stunning work, if their personality seems to clash with yours or your future husband's, they may be a bad choice.  Look for photographers with good people skills and easy-going dispositions. This is vital for conquering the stress of your wedding day.  A photographer who is skilled at making quick adjustments and changes while keeping a nice smile is essential.  

4.) Compare Photography Style

Each wedding is different with a unique color scheme and style.  You want your wedding photos to respect this.  Find out what specific photography style a potential photographer uses.  Some popular styles include:

Ideally, your wedding photos should be a well-balanced combination of many styles.  Candid and portrait shots go very well together and help balance the overall look of your wedding.  Also, bold and abstract shots add unique detail; they should be included in some way. Although a good mixture of photography styles is important, not every wedding photographer is comfortable with all styles.  Always check what types of style they feature and if they are willing to try others.  

5.) Compare On-Site or Studio Photographers

Some wedding photographers work best in a studio setting. Others operate almost entirely on-sight at the wedding.  Before finalizing your wedding photographer, double check where your photos will be taken.  A photographer might want to shoot some practice shots or have you visit their studio beforehand.  Another photographer might simply want to wait until the actual wedding day.  Be sure that communication is clear about when and where the photos will be taken.  Confusion can ruin your wedding photos if details and planning go wrong.

Your wedding is the most exciting day of your life.  Even with the best photographer, these happy, wonderful moments will never be completely preserved on film.  However, finding the best photographer goes a long way in ensuring that your memories and joy stay alive forever in your wedding album.  For more information on finding the perfect photographer or to view our photography packages, please contact us today. 

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