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Five Wedding Video Ideas That Will Last a Lifetime

Five Wedding Video Ideas That Will Last a Lifetime

Commemorate Your Wedding With a Professional Video that Will Be Cherished for a Lifetime.

Although nearly every wedding includes the traditional array of wedding photos, some weddings truly go the extra mile with wedding videos. This fun and dynamic idea works somewhat like wedding photos, but it captures the true essence of wedding memories far better. Rather than relying solely on your wedding photos, watch your wedding memories in action for years to come. Just as your wedding photos are special and unique, wedding videos are just as personal. A wide variety of types and styles exist; if you feel confused or overwhelmed by your options, consider these 5 wedding video ideas that make any wedding an exceptional experience. 

Save the Date Videos

Rather than relying on traditional "Save the Date" wedding invitations, go a step above and send guests a personal video announcing your special day. Some couples give this idea a creative spin and film it in a movie style with original characters and a cute plot. Other couples choose a vintage look and film a short save the date scene using artsy film techniques such as stop-motion photography. Regardless of the style you choose, your guests will never forget your wedding invitation if they can watch it over and over again.

Wedding Documentary Video

For couples who truly want to commemorate all aspects of their wedding, a wedding documentary is a perfect choice for preserving cherished memories. A trained wedding videographer is best for this type of wedding video. Discuss beforehand what particular scenes and aspects you wish to include in your video. Couples often wish the video to include pre-ceremony moments such as picking their wedding cake, decorating the venue, or the bride modeling her new gown after a fitting. Other couples focus on the wedding day itself and include scenes of the wedding party getting ready with the ceremony and reception as additional highlights.

Wedding Trailer

Some wedding videos are too long for guest to watch at the reception. This can be disappointing for couples. Fortunately, the perfect solution exists. By creating a wedding trailer, guests and the couple can still enjoy the video experience. This trailer is prepared and edited by a trained videographer. It highlights special wedding scenes and memories. Although it doesn't include every aspect of your wedding, it focuses on treasured moments both you and your guests will enjoy.

Wedding Music Video

This video style is hilarious and perfect for couples wishing to emphasize a fun, creative atmosphere at their wedding. Choose an exciting or popular song with a lively beat. Consult your wedding videographer for ideas or scan the internet to see how other couples rocked their video. Plan for yourself, future spouse, and other pre-selected guests and wedding party members to get their jam on. Before the ceremony, practice specific scenes to ensure everyone knows what they're doing. This music video can be filmed beforehand or on your actual ceremony depending on what scenes you wish to include. Using your chosen song, have your "cast" lip-sync to the lyrics and dance for fun video scenes. The end result is a hilarious and memorable video to celebrate your special day.

Wedding Proposal Video

This video style is a lovely tribute to both families of the groom and bride. It allows them to share in the special moment between the bride and groom at the proposal scene. Surprise videos work best when organized by the future groom. By planning ahead and a little staging, he can surprise his bride-to-be with a complete video of his proposal and her reaction. If both the future bride and groom wish to plan the video together, they can create a unique wedding announcement to share with their families. Both types of videos are special keepsakes perfect for anniversary celebrations.

Although there are countless other wedding video ideas, these top 5 reveal how unique and creative they are to feature in your wedding plans. For more information on video ideas or to browse our featured video packages, please contact us. Both you, your spouse, and all of your guest will love this fun wedding commemoration.

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