How to Pick a Wedding DJ

How to Pick a Wedding DJ

Music is an important part of every wedding; it sets the tone for the event and gives guests a reason to have a good time.

Music is an important part of every wedding - it sets the tone for the event and gives guests a reason to let loose and have a good time. DJ's are a great low-cost option that will allow you to play a variety of music at your wedding. Although it may seem like a simple task, picking the right wedding DJ is essential to creating the right atmosphere and making sure everything goes smoothly. Being a DJ is an art in its own right - one that requires talent, patience, and cooperation. Here are a few things to look for to find the best fit for you and your wedding:

Look at Past DJ Work

Ask the DJ if they can send you a sample of his work. DJing is more than just playing tracks on a laptop. It requires a smooth transition without any awkward pauses between songs. Listen for how well the DJ pulls this off and get a sense of their style. Also make sure to ask about their previous experience to see how well-versed they are in DJing these types of events.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Your wedding is about you, and that should be your DJ's attitude as well. Make sure that your potential DJ is willing to follow your instructions, including what songs you want to hear and don't want to hear. Do you want your DJ to play songs that you haven't specified? What about song requests? Think about these things beforehand and discuss your ground rules with a potential DJ to make sure they are willing to cooperate.

Make Certain the DJ is Okay with Your Playlist

Speaking of songs you want to hear, it's best to come up with a playlist or at least a list of songs that you cannot live without dancing to on your wedding night. If there are songs you don't want to hear, tell them beforehand about those too. Work with your DJ to figure out the timing and determine what songs you want played at important moments - from the first dance down to the bouquet toss. Make sure they respect this playlist and don't deviate from it unless you give them the okay.

Ask What DJ Equipment They Use

Even if you don't know much about DJ equipment, you'll want to make sure your DJ knows what they are doing and is prepared for the event. Ask your potential DJ what equipment they use, whether or not they are certified, and if they have back up equipment in case something goes wrong.

Ask the DJ if They Are Familiar with Your Venue

Ask your DJ if they have played at your venue before. If not, see if they would be willing to visit beforehand. This will give them a better idea of the layout of the venue and how they will need to set up their equipment. For the day of the event, see how early the DJ generally likes to show up and decide if that will work for you.

Find Out About Fees

Most people have a budget to stick to when planning a wedding, and although most DJ's don't tend to be too expensive, you'll want to make sure it's something you can afford. Costs will vary depending on experience and can range anywhere from $700 to $1000 or more for the night. Discuss pricing at the outset so you know what you are working with.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a DJ for your wedding, but Direct Entertainment can help make the process easier. Contact us today to find the right DJ for your wedding.

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