A Professional Wedding DJ Does More Than Play Great Music

A Professional Wedding DJ Does More Than Play Great Music

A Wedding DJ is also the MC and Keeps the Events at Your Reception on Schedule

Wedding DJ's often act as the MC or Master of the Ceremony. They are responsible for your reception going as planned because they are the person making the announcements. What they play in terms of music will help guide people towards what event is next at your wedding reception. This means you have to work closely with your DJ to ensure they know your expectations.

Create a Schedule for Your Wedding Reception

Let your wedding DJ help with the schedule. They have worked countless weddings in the past and so they have a knack for how the flow of the wedding reception should go. You should discuss the events that you want to occur.

Some of the most common events at a wedding reception include:

Chances are, you will have most of these events at your wedding reception and will want special songs played for each of them. There might also be a few family traditions that you want to include, such as smashing a plate or filling a vase with sand. Whatever it might be, tell your DJ so that they can add it to your schedule.

DJ's Handle the Announcements

Once your DJ has the schedule, they will make the announcements at your wedding reception. This is beneficial for everyone. It will allow you and your spouse to know where you need to be. If you're in the middle of a conversation with someone, you'll have a chance to politely finish it up and head to the middle of the dance floor or over to the wedding cake.

The announcements will also tell your guests what is happening so they can be ready. For example, if there is a garter belt toss, all of the single men will need to gather around in order to try and catch it. And naturally, for the bouquet toss, all of the single ladies will gather around for their chance to catch it.

When you have a DJ making announcements, it ensures that all eyes are on you for the big moments of your wedding day. It also helps to keep on schedule so that nothing is forgotten. Otherwise, the time could be up and you suddenly realize that major parts of your wedding were left out. Your DJ is a big part of making sure your wedding reception goes smoothly

Wedding DJ's Play the Right Music

Wedding DJ's are also going to help with timing by playing the right music for the right event. You will most likely have special song requests for all of the major events during the reception. When you hear the song for your first dance, you will know that it's time to take to the dance floor. When you hear the song for cutting the cake, you will know to head over to your wedding cake.

You can choose to give the DJ as much freedom as you want with the music and the overall timing. Sometimes it's important to be able to read the crowd. If you don't have a lot of people who want to dance, then it might be easier to focus on all of the different events. After you pick out the music you want for specific events, then it's usually up to the DJ to fill in the rest. They will know the kind of music to play after you have selected your "must play" songs.

Your DJ is there to help you with your event. Let them help with the timing so that you don't have to worry about it. For more information on how to book a professional wedding DJ contact Direct Entertainment.

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