Setting the Scene with a Perfect Wedding Photographer

Setting the Scene with a Perfect Wedding Photographer

Capturing the Details Means Everything on Your Wedding Day

Details mean everything on a day as important as a wedding. Couples depend on the wedding photographers they hire to know this and to work this way. Shots as the guests gather and as the wedding party prepares open the story of beginning and anticipation. Flowers, weather, and vows all work together to retain the memories of the most important day of your life, and you want the best photo-journalistic, creative mind to help you tell your story.

A Photographer Should Be Present But Not Distracting

A photographer should be a part of the scenery, not the show herself. Pictures should show natural events, not posed and unemotional. What you don't want to see in your pictures are things like bra lines showing; kids crying and running across the lawn or the Church or the Mother-of-the-Bride crying, make-up running, with some crazy look on her face. These are not the memories we want to look at when we go through our photo album or post our pictures on Snapchat or Facebook. We want our pictures to show the best of our times, in the best way possible, and to run like a fine ribbon through the story of our beautiful day.

A Photographer Needs to Work With Your Wedding Party

It's important to hire a professional wedding photographer who will work with the bride and groom as well as other pertinent members of the wedding day such as the Minister or wedding planner.  A professional photographer wants to ensure that the integrity of the wedding is not compromised and will help you set each scene so that the most important details stand out. The small nuances of the most important day of your life should be snapped and preserved to tell the true emotions of the moments. You don't want to look back on video that is masked by the backs of guests, fuzzy in-and-out shots, or an intrusive photographer.  You want the emotion captured, not sound that is barely audible. 

Photo Booths Are an Exciting Addition to Your Wedding Reception

Another exciting aspect that is relatively new to weddings and other events are photo booths.  Photo booth settings give your guests a chance to relay a personal message on your most important day.  With a photo booth, guests can take individual or group pictures in a relaxed, fun, un-plastic way. Photo booths are the best answer for a personal touch. Guests can approach when they're ready and comfortable and come back for more later on. 

A photo booth wedding package includes an on-site attendant who will assist your guests in having an optimal, fun experience; closed booth setting or open with a backdrop of your choosing; unlimited photo sessions; a private online gallery that your guests can enjoy for a full year; and a keepsake DVD of the entire occasion just for you. 

Your Photographer Needs to Make the Most of Your Wedding Venue

Conventional weddings are not the norm anymore. In addition to Church weddings, couples choose to marry in a variety of ways. Parks, quaint gazebos, mountain tops, zip lines and roller coasters are among the plethora of choices. Wedding receptions turn into blow outs that guests will talk about for years to come. Photos and videos should reflect those times in a manner that tells the whole story with the best and most important memories present.

We want the memories we preserve to bring us back to that wonderful day years down the road. 

The methods of preserving those memories by way of the photographer or entertainment professionals we choose is an integral part of all of that. A wedding package of deejay, photographer, videographer and photo booth covers all the bases for capturing every precious detail.

Let us show you what we can bring to you and yours on this most marvelous occasion.

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