Seven Special Photos Your Wedding Photographer Can Capture

Seven Special Photos Your Wedding Photographer Can Capture

A Wedding is an Exciting Experience; Be Sure to Capture These Seven Moments of Your Special Day.

A wedding should be an exciting and fun experience. Unfortunately, the stress of finding just the right wedding vendors and other wedding-related services can take a lot of the fun out of this special day. Fortunately, at Direct Entertainment, we understand that your wedding Photographer is an important part of your day. We know that there are certain moments you want to cherish forever. These special moments can be captured best when photographed by an experienced wedding photographer. Consider these seven moments and items you will likely want captured by a quality wedding Photographer.  

The Walk Down the Aisle

The nervous smile on the bride's face as her father walks her down the aisle is a moment to be enjoyed for years to come. The groom's look of anticipation as he waits for his bride to arrive could provide a priceless photograph to treasure. Even the excited look on the flower girl's face as she walks down the aisle is a moment you likely will not want to forget.

The First Kiss

While you have shared many kisses before this moment, and you will likely share many for years to come after this, your first kiss as husband and wife is a magical moment. This kiss symbolizes your commitment to each other as a couple.

The Bridal Party

Photographs of the bridal party take-up a considerable amount of many wedding albums. The exact pictures you will want will depend upon your specific needs. Many couples enjoy a few photographs of just the bride and the groom. Maybe you will want photos of the bride with her bridesmaids and the grooms with his groomsmen. You will likely want photos with your family, including some with just the parents. You may also want group photos, where the entire bridal party is included in one photograph. While it is not an actual member of the bridal party, many brides enjoy pictures of their bouquets as well.

The Wedding Cake

Many couples want to remember exactly how their wedding cake looked. They may also want to capture special moments associated with the cake, including the cutting of the cake and the moment when the couple smashes the cake in each other's faces. For some couples, pictures of the cake on plates after it has been cut are also important.

The Wedding Dances

Often, there are several important dances at the reception. This includes the bride's dance with her father and the groom's dance with his mother. These might be moments the couple wants captured through photography. Of course, for many couples, their first dance as a couple is also an essential moment to include in their wedding photo album.

Other Special Moments

There are so many other moments throughout the day that will likely bring a smile to your face when relived through photography years later. This includes things such as the bridesmaids helping the bride fix her hair, guests enjoying the reception dinner, people having a great time on the dance floor, and the moment the bride throws her bouquet.

The Wedding Decorations

While some couples simply like to have their wedding decorations as a backdrop for other pictures, other couples want the decorations captured in their own photos. Maybe you want pictures of the centerpieces you spent hours designing. Perhaps you want a few pictures of the beautiful building where your wedding took place, or you want pictures of the decorations nature provided for your outdoor wedding.  

Of course, these are just some of the special photos you may want your wedding photographer to capture. If you are interested in being paired with an experienced, professional photographer for your special day, contact us. Your photographer will work with you to capture your wedding according to your preferred style. Combine your wedding photography package with DJ, video photography, or photo booth services to enjoy a $100 discount.

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