The Importance Of Communicating With Wedding DJ's

The Importance Of Communicating With Wedding DJ's

Wedding DJ's Control Many Aspects of Your Wedding Reception. Communication is Key for a Perfect Event.

It is of the utmost importance that you communicate with your wedding DJ. They are the ones who will be controlling a variety of aspects of your wedding. When there is better communication, it allows you to focus on your big day – instead of the small details. Your DJ will want the communication as well because they will be able to do a better job for you.

Talk About Your Timing with Your DJ

Timing is everything with the wedding. The average reception lasts for four hours. During that time, there is the introduction of the wedding party, a toast, first dance, cutting of the wedding cake, as well as various other things that you might desire – garter toss, bouquet toss, and much more.

By communicating with your wedding DJ, everything will go as planned. Your DJ will know when everything is supposed to happen and make the announcements to keep the events on schedule. Without their help, you could easily fall behind schedule or miss something that was extremely important to you, like the father/daughter dance or a special toast from an out-of-town guest.

Ensure the DJ Plays the Right Music

Wedding DJs want to make you happy. As such, you need to communicate the kind of music you want to have played. They won't know if you like country, pop, jazz, or any other style of music unless you tell them. It's your wedding and therefore you should have control over your soundtrack.

Discuss Dances You Do and Don't Want

Weddings are notorious for having some of the lamest dances. Some people love them and other people hate them. If you want the wedding DJ to play the Electric Slide but not the YMCA, you need to make sure they know that. You might want to have some dances announced as a way of getting people out on the dance floor.

Remember, the DJ is there for you and your big day. If you don't provide guidance, they will play what's needed to get people dancing. If you don't want to hear the Macarena on your big day, though, it's up to you to say so. Communicating this ahead of time will ensure you don't have to go running across the dance floor to tell the DJ to turn it off.

Address Various Concerns with Your Wedding DJ

You might have a few concerns about the timing of your wedding, songs, or something else. It's best to sit down and communicate any concerns ahead of time. The only way a DJ can stay on top of it all is if they know about it.

For example, you might have people come up to the DJ to request a special song because they want to dance to it. If you don't want people making special requests and turning it into a moment for them, then let your DJ know. This way, if someone comes up and asks for “their song,” the DJ can politely decline and let them know that special requests are not allowed at the request of the bride and groom.

You have to take control of your wedding day and this means doing some advanced planning. It's best to get everything communicated beforehand so that when your day arrives, you can be sure that the DJ knows what to do and how to make your day as special as you want it to be.

If the wedding DJ doesn't instigate the line of communication, then be sure that you do. All will work out a lot better if you are on the same page as your DJ. After all, they are responsible for keeping the schedule going so that nothing is forgotten along the way.  For more information contact Direct Entertainment.

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