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The Perfect DJ for Your Wedding

Finding a quality wedding DJ in Buffalo, NY with Direct Entertainment is easy; we have been providing quality DJ services in the area for over 19 years. The depth of talent amongst our DJ's in Buffalo is impressive to say the least. It is important to carefully choose the type of DJ you envision for your wedding. This is where Direct Entertainment comes in. With Direct Entertainment, we will match you with the perfect DJ to suit your specific requests.

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Basic Video Package

Direct DJ

$695 ($595 when you bundle with ANY other service)

  • 4 hours of continuous music (Add an hour for $100)
  • Wireless microphone for toasts and speeches
  • Reception Planner & Music Library (the largest in the industry; over 1.5 million and growing every day) so you can choose all, or some of your own music. We even allow you to send to your guests to compile a separate guest-request list, to be approved by you!
  • Setup and tear-down of equipment
  • Certified MC (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Professionally groomed & attired DJ in suit or shirt/tie
  • Backup equipment, backup DJs 24/7
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Direct Video Package

Alpha DJ

$845 ($745 when you bundle with ANY other service)

  • In addition to Direct DJ Package:
  • 5 hours (total) of continuous music (Add an hour for $100)
  • Mutlicolored dance lights (upon request)
  • Wedding coordination and planning. Our wedding planning team can help coordinate with all your vendors (Photographer/Videographer/Banquet Staff)…preferably ours of course! – but if not, that’s still okay.
  • Professionally groomed & attired DJ in your choice of tuxedo or suit
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Deluxe Video Package

All Inclusive DJ

$1095 ($995 when you bundle with ANY other service)

  • In addition to our Alpha DJ Package:
  • Unlimited continuous music for up to 8 hours
  • Ceremony music/wireless microphone (optimal audio for your vows) with two setups if needed. This includes pre-ceremony music as guests are being seated
  • Dedicated team member to assist with coordination/logistics from the time you reserve to after your wedding
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I Do Video Package

Upgrades & Additional Services:

  • Extra Hours: $100/hour
  • Dance Lights:: $50
    • Focused only on your dance floor
  • Ceremony Music w/same setup at reception: $100
    • *Included – music as your guests are arriving and being seated
  • Ceremony music w/separate setup outdoors or a different room: $200
    • *Included – music as your guests are arriving and being seated
  • Up-Lighting: $150 for one set of 4, and $25 per light after
    • Your choice of color/s
  • ADD a three hour Photo Booth for only $595
    • This includes your $100 per service bundle discount.
  • ADD a 4 hour Photography Package for $795
    • This includes your $100 per service bundle discount.
  • ADD a 4 hour Video Package for $645
    • This includes your $100 per service bundle discount.
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Wedding DJs That Match Your Style

People Dancing at Wedding Reception in Buffalo, New York

There are so many decisions to make when booking vendors for your Buffalo, NY wedding; choosing your venue and flowers are only the beginning. However, when you need to choose a DJ for your wedding reception, you need look no farther than Direct Entertainment, the Buffalo, NY hub for DJ's.

What Should You Look For in a Wedding DJ?

Personality: A great DJ is going to have a personality that keeps your wedding crowd bouncing and gets them out on the dance floor quickly. They can give great, amusing announcements that keep events flowing throughout the evening, including the first dance as bride and groom. While they will also respond to your requests for particular songs, a DJ with a great personality will also have suggestions for you once they get to know you as a couple.

Compatibility: A great DJ for your Buffalo, NY wedding will get to know you well enough to predict the kinds of music you'll want to hear. One size does not fit all, so your DJ will work with you to make sure you hear the hits you love. They'll know, from hearing some of your favorite tunes, what kinds of music you are likely to enjoy throughout the evening. If your favorite songs aren't particularly danceable, the compatible DJ will have options for you to add more dance-ready tunes in between the songs that melt your heart.

Professionalism: Excellent wedding DJs know when to communicate, when to let you know about their needs, and when to reach out to you about your needs. They may be an entertainer when they are spinning tracks, but at their core, they'll make you feel respected and understood by being very clear throughout the planning process. Communication isn't the only aspect of professionalism either: being well-dressed for the occasion, having a smooth and easy demeanor on the microphone, and conducting set-up and tear-down quickly and easily all help convey an attitude of professionalism.

Experience: It takes time to become an amazing DJ, and DJs with many weddings under their belts are more likely to be able to predict what song will flow perfectly from the current mood of the crowd. Having worked at many weddings is the best way to gather this ability. An experienced DJ will know how to handle any hiccups that come his or her way: after all, there are always going to be moments when the dancing stops or a guest has something to say, but the right wedding DJ in Buffalo, NY will have seen it all and know exactly how to fast-track everyone to fun, no matter the circumstances.

What Makes Direct Entertainment's Wedding DJs Great?

All our DJ Packages include these excellent options, which will make your wedding reception in Buffalo, NY a memorable one. You should be able to expect a high standard from your DJ, and this is how we deliver:

  • 4 hours or more of continuous music, ensuring that you get the dance party of a lifetime.
  • An enormous library of music that allows you to pick some of your own songs and allow guest requests. You don't have to worry that your favorite song won't be in our collection: we've got over 1.5 million songs!
  • The assurance of a backup DJ/DJs in the case of illness, so you'll have an equally excellent DJ even if your original one cannot be there. No need for worries on the day of your wedding!
  • We bring wireless microphones with our equipment that make it easy for the Best Man to give a rousing speech or for your Maid of Honor to give her happy tearful toast to the happy couple.
  • Our DJs are professional: they show up dressed to impress, and they are Masters of Ceremonies so they can easily coordinate with your wedding planner to ensure everything happens on time, from cutting the cake to a Father-Daughter dance. They also handle all their own set-up and tear-down with no muss and no fuss!

The Direct Entertainment Advantage

Beyond our basic level of excellence, we can offer a substantial variety of services within our DJ Packages in Buffalo, NY that will elevate your wedding reception music experience even more.

  • Want multi-colored lights that shift with the music, turning your dance floor into a true party atmosphere? We can bring them and set them up easily.
  • Our DJs are so experienced that our packages can actually incorporate wedding planning and coordination of vendors: bundle planning with your DJ package to ensure that all vendors know where to be, when to be there, and what to be doing.
  • With extended packages like our All Inclusive DJ package, we can run the sound for your ceremony as well, from the sweeping beautiful music while your guests are seated, to the triumphant final notes as you walk out as man and wife. Having the same DJ work the speakers from ceremony through reception gives you the continuity you want and a single point person to contact throughout your planning process.
  • Even if you want a customized package, we have a variety of A La Carte services you can add to our various options. Great wedding DJs recognize that every wedding is different, so we can help you ensure that every moment is accompanied by the right music to match.

What's more, Direct Entertainment doesn't work only with DJs. Having to coordinate among various vendors can be stressful and confusing, especially if some of them have very specific requirements. When you choose Direct Entertainment for your wedding entertainment, you can book your DJ, videographer, photographer, and Photo Booth all through the same organization. This means that you'll save money by combining services, while getting increased quality: we work with only the professionals that consistently receive high marks from brides and grooms, and they are all local to the Buffalo, NY area so you'll have an easy time getting in touch with them.

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Picking the Right DJ in Buffalo

In Buffalo you will find all types of DJs for different occasions: wedding DJ's, event DJ's, club DJ's, mobile DJ's, and more. It is important to carefully sift through the list of prospective DJ's to ensure the DJ you choose is experienced in weddings.

A wedding is one of the most important occasions for any couple. In addition to the reception and food, entertainment is one of the most important aspects of a wedding that a couple will hold dear for years to come; a poor choice of music will always haunt the participants whereas a sweet and well thought out rapture of melodies will be fondly remembered by all the gathered guests. The memories of the wedding day are held dear by all loved ones, mostly so by the wedding couple. A wedding DJ, whether they are a Buffalo wedding DJ, or a DJ from any other city, thus becomes a key player in your wedding ceremony.

Buffalo being the second most populous city in New York with a population of nearly 262,000, offers numerous opportunities for fun lovers or party seekers to taste the exciting side of New York. When choosing a DJ for your wedding, there are certain factors that one need to consider.

The Music at Your Wedding

All weddings call for a different genres of music; different couples will request different styles of music to be played during their reception. It is important to inquire from the list of DJs, if they can be able to play the required type of music. This is very important keeping in mind that also not all Buffalo DJs can play the required type or genre of music.

It is highly advisable that one gets a sample of the DJs work for the occasion sought to ascertain the level of expertise the DJ has in the chosen genre of music, get the number of songs the DJ has and in the case of a wedding ensure that the particular songs to be played are audible; it is also important to agree on the exact timing of certain songs that may be of interest at specific moments during the wedding. These issues are very critical and do require full agreement amongst the players.

The Quality of DJ Equipment

It is very important to confirm what types of equipment the shortlisted DJs have in their possession and their ability to employ them during the event proper. The equipment should be commensurate with the event, it will be quite embarrassing to have shoddy equipment playing during the event or even worse to have very loud musical instruments playing on the material day. Music that is too loud will take away all the tranquility that is associated with weddings and render a teenage get together feel to it. On the other hand if the event is for teenagers then giving them slow, low volume music will not augur well with them.

The Price for a Perfect Wedding DJ

It is important to keep in mind that after any event, whether it is a wedding or prom party, there is still life thereafter and all accrued debts will have to be offset. It is thus advisable that concerned parties do some research within the larger New York in general and Buffalo in particular and find out how much it costs to hire a DJ in Buffalo. One should strive to get the best price, there are also value adds that the wedding DJ may offer the couple like extra play hours, additional MC or specialized recordings of the music played. As much as cost is a significant factor though, it is important to ensure that one does not demand very low prices from Buffalo DJs NY; this is because if the cost is too cheap it means that quality will also be compromised. Get a price that is fair, not quality that is fair.

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