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Wedding Photography at Reception in Buffalo, New York

Wedding Photography in Buffalo, New York

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The Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding

Finding a quality wedding photographer in Buffalo, NY with Direct Entertainment is easy; we have been some of the best photographers in the area with over 18 years of experience. Our professional photographers in Buffalo are well known for their artistic ability. It is important to carefully choose the type of photographer you want for your wedding. This is where Direct Entertainment comes in. With Direct Entertainment, we will match you with the perfect photographer to suit your specific requests.

When you're ready to book the one of our professional photographers, call Direct Entertainment at (716) 480-5680 or click here to get started now.

THREE Hour Photo Packages: $795

Additional Options Available

  • Additional Hours: $100
  • 2nd Photographer: $445 for the first two hours
    • $100 Each Additional Hour

Included with All Photography Packages

Wedding Reception Photography
  • Three hours of coverage with unlimited photos
  • Certified, professional Direct Entertainment Photographer (300+ Weddings)
  • ALL photos edited and delivered in High-Resolution
  • Digital Wedding Album (Allows sharing of your full wedding set, social media posting and ordering of images for anyone you chose to share with.)
  • Separate locations FREE
  • Includes ownership of images (order prints anywhere of your choice)

All Photo Packages Also Include the Following

If you see anything you need that is not listed below, call and just ask!

Artistic Wedding Photograph
  • We interact professionally with your guests and dress appropriately.
  • We are experienced, Certified Wedding Photographers accustomed to work well under pressure to help guide you through your day.
  • Our style can be adjusted to accommodate your tastes, for candid, formal or romantic.
  • Coverage includes Bridal/Groom prep, ceremony, family formals and formalities at reception and anything else you want us to focus on.
  • Your are provided a digital wedding album where your photos are available via a link to share with friends and family to view and order.
  • All high resolution images sent digitally to download to any device.
  • We work together as a team in tandem with your Venue's staff and your other vendors.
  • We plan ahead and use a shot list with your special requests.
  • We use the latest professional digital cameras, lenses and flashes.
  • All your photos are edited including some in black and white.
  • We have backup equipment available on site as well as backup Photographers for your added insurance.

Picking the Pefect Wedding Photographer in Buffalo, New York

As soon as you choose a date and book your venue, the pressure's on to line up the perfect wedding photographer. This can be a frustrating endeavor since here in Buffalo, like everywhere in New York State, photographers book up quickly, and packages can be confusing. What's more, you want to make sure the wedding photographer you hire has the right experience, personality, and style to reflect the tone of your special day.

What if you could book your wedding photographer through a company representing the most reliable, time-tested professionals available in the greater Buffalo area? What if that company worked with the best vendors for album and print packages?

Finding the Best Photographer Within Your Budget

Independent wedding photographers charge what they do because they have to promote their brand through advertising, websites, networking, bridal fairs and other expensive, time-consuming marketing programs. Of course, their prices also reflect their experience, as well as their investment in state-of-the-art equipment.

Some photographers charge what they do not only because of their brilliant portfolios but because they've made a name for themselves.

Direct Entertainment's services are a win-win for couples and photographers; we handle the wedding photographer's print and album services, as well as their marketing. They get to do what they love—shoot weddings—and bridal couples get to pick the photography style and package they want...without the hassle.

Calling the Shots

Many wedding photographers won't shoot from your "wish list" of special moments. They might market themselves as documentary-style photographers, strictly adhering to natural candids.

Others might allow for group portraits or staged images, but lack the right skill and equipment to achieve the results you want.

Sometimes it's not clear which services are included in advertised photography packages. Are editing and retouching part of the deal? Can you get a mix of color and black-and-white photography? Do you get ownership of all your retouched images to use as you wish?

Direct Entertainment offers the options you deserve for your wedding day coverage and photography keepsakes.

Identifying the Professionals

These days, anyone can buy a pro-level digital camera and design a gorgeous website. Some photographers have even been known to land photo essays in high-end bridal magazines with only a half-dozen stunning images, but without the experience or reputation to back them up. The true mark of a professional is the ability to create visually consistent coverage of the entire event.

Direct Entertainment allows you to view complete wedding stories from each of our wedding photography professionals so you know you're not booking a "flash in the pan".

Other photographers prefer to hand over unretouched images after the wedding, with no other services or strings attached. This absolves them from establishing relationships with custom album and print companies, and the time and expense of retouching and formatting your wedding images.

You don't want to worry if your photographer will take weeks or months to produce your images. We make them available in a timely fashion so you and your guests can order high-quality custom photography products through a private, personalized online gallery. And you get all your retouched images on a DVD, with full rights to do with them as you please.

True professionals know that equipment can fail, cars can break down, and life sometimes gets in the way, but even the best independent photographers are limited in what they can guarantee to make things right. When screening your prospective photographers, how will they make sure you're covered when Murphy's Law comes into play?

We support our photographers and wedding couples by ensuring that backup equipment is on-site, and replacement photographers of the same caliber and style are available in the unlikely event that the need arises. That's hard to match in the wedding photography industry.

Personality is Everything

Your wedding photographer is going to be a big part of your day. No other vendor will spend as much time with you and your bridal party. Will you feel comfortable allowing your wedding photographer to photograph the "getting ready" shots? If you or your partner are camera-shy, it's important that you have a good rapport with the person behind the lens.

Our photographers are professional and personable. They'll interact with your guests in an unobtrusive yet friendly manner, dressed appropriately for your event.

With as many as 300 weddings under each photographer's belt, our professionals know how to put their subjects at ease during group photos. What many bridal parties and families dread can become a light-hearted bonding experience.

They'll work with your shot list and follow your wedding day plan to capture the highlights of your event while surprising you with amazing, spontaneous moments taken without you even noticing that the photographer is there.

Drama-Free Weddings

The last thing you want on your wedding day is drama. At least, no more than you might expect from emotional family members and close friends. Have you heard stories of photographers becoming overbearing bullies, or blaming their poor results on insufficient ambient lighting? It happens, but not with our hand-picked wedding photographers.

Weddings are high-pressure events, especially when there aren't opportunities for "re-shoots". This is why it's important to hire an experienced veteran photographer who can anticipate and correct problems before they arise.

Lighting challenges? It's very common that the most romantic venues require skillful use of supplemental light. Your photographer should know how to use professional strobes to capture the ambiance of your event without harsh shadows or "blown-out" flash effects. Our photographers do!

We also ensure that our photographers know that they're not in charge of the flow of your event. They may quietly pull you aside to take advantage of fleeting, magical natural light, or make suggestions for unexpected photo opportunities, but your wedding is about you, not them.

Some photographers have a difficult time with videographers, as they compete for the best vantage point. Others aren't willing or able to coordinate with DJs or wedding planners to make sure special moments don't go as planned. We make sure our photographers are team players who know that collaboration with other vendors is essential to a beautifully orchastrated—and photographed—wedding celebration.

Other Locations for Pictures

As you are considering your celebration venue, relax in front of the camera. Buffalo is home to some awesome locations for pictures.

  • LaSalle Park is a beautiful waterfront park. It captures the beauty of two meeting waterways while welcoming you into the meadows and along the trails. It is located on Porter Amvets Drive.
  • Cazenovia Park has an amazing bridge for some romantic pictures with you and your beloved. It is part of the Olmstead Parks Conservatory. It is connected with South Park letting you have more options for picture locations.
  • Delaware Park is one of the original parks in Buffalo. It has a variety of amazing photo locations for you including the Ivy Bridge and Japanese Garden. The expansive grounds are located along Parkside Drive.

Book with Confidence

Our photographers aren't one-trick ponies, and neither are we. In addition to high-caliber contemporary wedding photographers, Direct Entertainment provides the best wedding videography services and wedding DJs available in the Buffalo area, and we'll even help you keep track of your wedding plan.

Your wedding day has been a lifelong dream. Effortless wedding planning can be a reality. If you value quality, professionalism, convenience, and overall satisfaction, contact Direct Entertainment to learn more about our leading Buffalo vendors and package discounts.

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