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Professional Video Production for Your Wedding

Finding a quality wedding videographer in Buffalo, New York with Direct Entertainment is easy; we have been producing high quality wedding videos for over 21 years.

Our videographers are well known throughout the Buffalo area for their artistic ability as well as their professional production skills.

Remember the Moment Through Video

Remember all your special moments through the power of videography, one of the best ways to capture those moments in time that you never want to forget.

Our goal is to create a video for you to truly cherish and bring tears to your children's children when they watch it.

We Will Produce a Video You'll Watch Over and Over Again

Direct Entertainment strives to create quality video that you will want to watch over and over again. When you're ready to book the one of our professional videographers, call Direct Entertainment at (716) 480-5680 or click here to get started now.

Included with All Video Packages

Having Fun During Wedding Video Production
  • YOU are the Director! You choose the scenes you want! Click Here to View our Video Planner.
  • We do all the work, you let us know what you want to do with your video masterpiece....
    • Sharable link (Included for 5 years) You are able to download / view to any device, tablet, phone, PC, Apple TV, etc.
    • We will format for you to create a USB and / or Blu-rays / DVD's for family and friends
    • Just choose the option(s) you'd like when filling out your video planner.
  • Multiple locations (We do not charge for extra locations like most companies!)
  • Filmed in High-Definition with your choice of music
  • FULLY Edited 60-90 minute video
  • Wireless microphone during ceremony for optimal audio clarity
  • Guest Interviews / Best Wishes (upon request)
  • All Videos INCLUDE a digital delivery link for download to ANY of your devices including Apple TV

View Examples of Our Wedding Videos

The videos below are highlight videos and not the FULLY EDITED videos you would receive with your Package. You CAN opt to exchange the fully edited video with a highlight if you wish. OR, you can add a highlight to ANY package.


Click Below to View Video Examples

Let us handle the hassle; you focus on the fun!

Most brides will tell you that their big day goes by in such a blur, they hardly remember much of what happened. Once you return from your honeymoon and the dust begins to settle, you begin to reflect on the months and months of planning and hard work.

You wonder, Could it all be over already? You're not really let feeling down - it's actually a relief to have free time again - but you'd like to fill in the blanks so you can actually compare notes about the high points and details of your wedding day when you next see your friends and family.

What better reason to sit back and spend an evening watching your wedding video!

We know you've got a long way to go before this particular moment, but if you've just begun planning your wedding, this is the time to start thinking about wedding videography services.

I'm Getting Married in Buffalo - Do I Really Need a Photographer and a Videographer?

First, congratulations! Buffalo has many gorgeous venues and a fantastic selection of wedding vendors. The first vendors you'll want to book after you've chosen your venue and set your date, are your video and still photographers. Each is equally important as the other.

Wedding photographers present spectacular still images and a visual storyline for your day. The end results? High-quality photo albums, wall art, and custom prints you can send as gifts. Wedding videographers complement still photography with a completely different approach. While still images captured by skilled photographers do convey action and emotion, there's no question that live-action documentation by high-quality videographers presents a multi-dimensional, dynamic record of your guests, family and you.

Imagine watching your wedding video for the first time, overcome by the heartfelt "mini-interviews" your videographer produced on the sly with your guests, wedding attendants, family, and your new spouse.

How else can you record the huge grin slowly spread across your groom's face at his first glimpse of you walking down the aisle? What about that moment when, instead of a toast, the best man breaks into an off-key and spectacularly over-the-top serenade?

Some moments simply require professionally shot, edited, and produced wedding videography.

How Do I Pick the Right Videographer for My Wedding in Buffalo?

You've set a budget, and you've cleared the books. You're convinced you've watched every local videographer's sample wedding videos. Wedding videography in Buffalo, New York is a competitive business, so that's a lot of time you'll need to spend sitting in front of your computer screen shopping for a video production company.

Though you have a wide selection of production styles to choose from, you have just as many levels of professionalism and expertise... for better, or for worse:

  • Videographers might be great at marketing, but lacking in skill or consistent service.
  • Perhaps you've found a videographer whose vision and package price is perfect, but when you meet her, she's a perfect slob.
  • You've reached out to all your recently-married friends through social media, but their videographers-at least, the ones they would recommend-are either out of business, booked for your date, or not responding to your messages. One even flaked on your consultation!

Then, just when you're about to completely lose your mind and end up with the local news channel documenting your pre-wedding freak out (no, don't ask if their camera crews do weddings), an old high school friend messages you on Facebook to tell you about the videographer she booked through Direct Entertainment. "The videographer that did my wedding video might not be free that day," she writes "but he has a ton of colleagues there, and their prices are great. I'm sure you'll find the right fit!"

What Does Direct Entertainment Offer that Other Videographers in Buffalo Don't?

Some people ask if we're the videography equivalent of shopping mall photo studios. Our videographers aren't high school A/V nerds making college money on the side. Our videographers are seasoned professionals who would rather let a reputable event planning company handle their billing and marketing so they can do what they do best: wedding videography!

Of course, many of them were A/V nerds in high school, but that's only a plus as far as we're concerned. Our videographers love their line of work, and with dozens-if not hundreds-of weddings under their belts, they're as efficient and experienced as they are technically and creatively talented.

Through Direct Entertainment, you can choose from a large selection of videographers based on their overall style. Leave the rest of the hassles to us:

Straightforward pricing and paperwork. All of our videography packages are standardized and transparent, and there's no need to read two dozen videographers' individual contracts, fine print and all. You know what you're getting, and you get what you want.

Our videographers are professional, personable, and presentable and will arrive on schedule in attire appropriate for your wedding. (Kilt, World of Warcraft costumes, and scuba gear rentals may cost extra.)

Our videographers are local to Buffalo, New York. Wedding venue managers and other wedding vendors are likely familiar with them, and with Direct Entertainment's reputation and professionalism. Many inexperienced wedding videographers are "pushy" and obtrusive, causing friction among planners, photographers, and venues.

We also offer full-service wedding photography, and when your wedding videographer and photographer work as a team-and when they're seasoned, responsible professionals-there won't be any shoving matches for the best vantage point.

Package discounts are available for couples who book multiple wedding professionals from our network of DJs, photographers, and videographers.

On-site backup equipment. Accidents happen, and even the best-maintained professional video equipment can fail. We make sure your wedding videographer has replacement equipment and accessories for those Murphy's Law moments.

Backup Professional Videographers: If you've hired an independent wedding videographer, who will step into his place if he has an emergency the morning of your wedding? It happens more often than you might think, and not necessarily because they're dishonest. They're human. In the rare instance that your Direct Entertainment videographer can't perform his or her duties, we'll send a backup videographer suited to your style and expectations.

Timely Delivery of Your Wedding Videos: You'll receive your edited DVDs within a few weeks of your wedding. No need to wait until your first anniversary to enjoy your wedding day memories, and there's never any reason to delay a good glass of wine.

Let Direct Entertainment do the Heavy Lifting

You've got a lot to look forward to, and a lot to do before your wedding day. Direct Entertainment has Buffalo's best videographers, photographers, and DJs to make sure you get the results, professionalism, and products you deserve. Let us handle the hassle; you focus on the fun.

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