Weddings Don’t Have to be Expensive, as an Affordable Buffalo DJ is Always Available

An article posted on The Buffalo News website on June 24, 2013 reports on a gay couple from Buffalo, New York, spending about $100,000 for their recent wedding celebration. The union was made possible by the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in 2011 which legally allows same-gender couples in the state to marry. The article, however, was not calling attention to the gay union as being anything remarkable, but to the fact that the men spent such an amount for their wedding; pointing out how the sudden sharp demand for wedding vendors or suppliers could bump prices up a notch if the trend continues.

According to the article, “gay men have the highest discretionary spending per capita”, meaning they tend to spend more in areas that most people tend to be frugal in. There is, perhaps, no better occasion to spend lavishly than on their much-awaited weddings. If this course of expensive marriages catches on, even heterosexual couples getting married in New York could get caught up in the trend of spending huge sums for gala events in which large numbers of guests are entertained. Fortunately, contracting a hip Buffalo DJ such as those from Direct Entertainment, is a great and inexpensive way of livening up any event in which guests hope to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

There’s hardly a wedding reception without music to set the mood for fun and enjoyment, and the dancing that inevitably follows. As it is important to keep the festive spirit going at these events, DJs are always on a wedding planner’s list of must-haves, even at parties wherein a string quartet or orchestra has been engaged to provide music for the more ceremonial portions of the event.

Experienced DJs in Buffalo NY don’t just play memorable tunes for couples to dance and reminisce on. While the couple is busy greeting everyone, a DJ can help entertain guests by serving as emcee. These engaging professionals keep the celebration going with their lively spirit and presence. They coordinate the couple on program details, including the toast for the newlyweds, bouquet tossing, video presentations, and any special features.

If you want a wedding that you’ll always remember with fondness, book a wedding DJ. There are DJ packages you can choose from which include full audio equipment, dance lights for an added vibe, and a coordinator who’ll be with you from the minute you sign up till after the event. Your DJ can even come in a tuxedo or suit, as you please.

Buffalo, New York might have its most expensive wedding to date, thanks to this gay couple who decided to have an extravagant three-day celebration. But other couples need not spend as much. There are wedding service providers who’ll keep your bases covered and stay within your budget, that you’ll never associate wedding with hassles and stress. What’s more, you can allot a reasonable sum to get a professional announcer who can really set your party on fire.

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